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a little off on the flow in the very beginning, id add more emotion, not a lot cause the song doesn't require it but it would be better if you would come off a little harder in the first verse.

like a little bit too early in saying 'im aboard' in the 2nd verse, but thats just my opinion.

add a couple syllables to

'See we got caught up in power like you

Too late before we realized we knew'

cause you had to pause on the second line and it cut off your flow.

its a nice song throughout, keep it up! :2thumbs:

oh btw nice concept once again

:word: I agree with what she said. The flow was off in a few places but overall it was a really good song. Nice job man! :2thumbs:

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i did many recordings so i probaly used the version that sounded the best but i didnt do some other things. what im gettign at is the lines you talked about, i rapped

"see we got caught up in power like you

too late before we realized that we knew"

but i do agree with you guys that it wasnt perfect, my flow is a little off and my voice isnt perfect, but it was my first recording.

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