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FuQ - Str8 Fire


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Yo y'all. II got a new song 4 y'all. It'z called "Str8 Fire". It'z 4 this soundtrack called Dog Soldiers. Hope y'all enjoy it. Cuz I worked hard on it 2 make sure it was right.

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I enjoy it! Your lyrics sound clearer than any other song you do so far! :werd: :bowdown:
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Sorry i didn't reply to this sooner man!! I completely missed it!!

I like it but here are a few pointers:

1. I think your flow needs a bit of work. You got the lyrics, you got your own style but the way you deliver them could be a bit better. But the more you rap, the more this will get better. Its not even something you consciously think about. It just happens!!

2. Use original instrumentals. I know its easy and less hassle to use other peoples music, but it adds that touch of originality if you use your own. I know this is the way a lot of rappers start out but it's not something you should get into the habit of doing

3. Clarity. Some parts i didn't quite get. If your gonna record a song, make it the best song you've ever done. You don't to keep re-recording songs because some people didn't get it or understand it! Believe me i've been there and its [b]VERY[/b] tedious!!

Other than that it was real good! Keep doing your thing man!! :music: :thumb: :music:
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