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Trey & the_bigmac vs Mac Daddy & Big Willie

Big Willie

Who won?  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Who won?

    • Trey & the_bigmac
    • Mac Daddy & Big Willie

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As many lines as you wish

Order of Verses goes: Trey, Mac Daddy, the_bigmac, Big Willie

One verse each

Voting can start when all verse are posted

One day to post, poll open for 2 days

Trey first :2thumbs:

Edited by Big Willie
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Yo, Willie and Mac//

Y'all are wack!//

So stop rapping your crap//

I'll be setting the a trap//

Ain't given a ****//

Ya have no luck!//

I'd bann ya on my site//

But I wouldn't want a sissy fight//

Back off succkers//

Or you'll end up like some *******//

Me bigmac are gonna woop ya ***//

Make it like tha past//

So get outta here//

Dump the beer//

I'm on a roll//

And I'm on high patrol//


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So it's Trey and Bigmac comin at us in hyper//

It's more like you the rats and i'm the pied piper//

You think your raps are cool, fittin in with the pack//

Willie and me know the truth, your rhymin' is wack//

Now Trey, Y'all think you can kick our a$$?//

Why you gotta swear man, showin no class//

There better ways to battle than using a curse//

as i'll show you, while i'll be spittin this verse//

You releasing your raps, people say their good//

they obviously never seen how we rap in this hood//

Jingle Jingle BOOM made me Jingle Leave The Room//

Just like most of your rap's man, full of gloom//

When you did "Kinda Hard" I thought it was hilarious//

Rapping bout impotentcy, It's Kinda Hard??? you serious?//

Now Bigmac, I ain't got no beef with you//

But i've always found Bigmac's so hard to chew//

Your more famous for food than you are rappin'//

Y'all be talkin a whole lotta crap, just stop yappin'//

You acting all hard, "I Ain't No Fool!"//

I've seen more balls at a game off pool//

I'll be leaving it at that, Y'all get the picture//

Y'all be shoutin' my name, Mac Daddy's the Victor//

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