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Guest Prince

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Guest Prince
No limits, rock the mic BBS style... Everyone join in, doesn't matter how many lines you flow, no rules, no titles for this one, just excercise your minds lyrically until you're the only one left on the field...
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ok kets join the great battel ever
you say me loose I say NEVER
listen to my words and try 2 understand
not like em' I don't need a band
ill be the only man who stand
you gonna hear me just on broadband
this game 2 comlicated for my mind
what is this game what kind?
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this is my way of promoting
steppin' into my lane? you're hopeless
manifestin' my game is potent
intellect in my brain is showin'
don't ever count me out of the game without knowin'
who you're steppin' to
you better pick your weapon, fool
you know that my **** is gettin' to you
you go back cryin' "Big Ted I didn't wanna mess wit u"
after witnessin' my charge in the fight
I'm a Bad Boy like Marcus n Mike
my knack to destroy comes from my heart and not hype
this is my field so i have the advantage
cleverness in my appeal for my craft leaves y'all damaged
i'm always delivering knockouts
i'm raising the hits in my stock now
my concentration's hittin' like a glock now
try hatin' this until your rhyme gets knocked out :thumb:
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I noticed how none of y'all responded
But since their ain't no rules I'm gonna keep on knockin'
Y'all cats like I knock boots
Off of fly honeyz
But I keep my mind on my money
So they don't get a penny
Don't get it wrong I can't yet afford a Bentley
So I'm not gonna front and start pretending
Like these fake contenders
Now who wants to be like the Lakers
A lot of fans jump on the bandwagon
But not me since I can't stand the damn braggin'
Since I speak the truth better than Benie Siegal
And I'm gonna stay out prison since what I do will be legal
The officers gave me permission to beat you
Since your lyricism is too featle to move
I leave opponents second guessin' like the Eagles do
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let j-o-e hit the roc the mic
cause i can do it tight? am i right?
i've moved fast through the years
skipped teenager went to the peers, ive seen to many tears
life of heartbroke, brotha hittin the wrong toke
makin him in the wrong and makes him choke
ill say one line and ya'll can say the other
ill beat you so hard you should of never came out of your mother
your lyrics dont understand the way i flow
i dont pop them fo' fo', they just to slow
i speed it up when i want to, thats what i do
imma player, can never say i love you
i aint found a girl who is going to retire my shirt
wont stop untill the fan hits the dirt
got the money in my head and i wonder why
little kids decide to perform homicide and then they cry
so i dedicate this rhyme to the board
to those who cant rap or sing the right coard.
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I don't need record sales
My flow won't be weak, I'll never fail
Regardless, I see how corrupted the Billboard chart is
We wanna know where the love from our heart is
When we put up with this garbage again and again
I always look to charge for route of lyrics
Retirement doesn't exist until my life expires from this
Livin' hell that I'm trying to improve
The days our dark but I don't need light to move
'Cause I can always sneak behind you
I'm not in the mood to do a dance song
My plot for this move is to just stand strong
I'm gonna be my own executive
So you won't be hearing the record company's perspective
That means I won't leaving anyone feeling like there involved i rigged election
When they put my CD in their car
I write many hooks constantly, I work more hard
Than those rappers you see on the charts
'Cause my raps ain't co-written
Y'all cats are probably sayin' your best friends rhymes instead of your own ****
That's why it doesn't take long for me to type down somethin', wit my own script
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get this track, hit ya back
what you like that, forget that
as an mc, i must use my m-i-c
get my written peices and burn them
nothin matters if your freestylin em
remember your words on the spot
mix your stuff with mine in a pot, make it hot
i aint leavin this competition, i aint gone
but sometimes i try cause i aint got a home
rap for food, money and greed
i was taught the way my mum wanted me 2 be taught when i was a seed

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I'm not the one to settle down
Like 2Pac I Get around
I'm the one that you'll find out of bounds
I always get to the endzone when it counts
Try analyzin' the flow and respect this now
I never let anyone take advantage
If you ever tryin' the front, I penetrate damage
Wreckin' crews that try to shine so much, is the way I handle it
I look at them like my ex-girlfriends that didn't show love to me
They ain't nothin' from me
They'll say that they love me
Since I'm more successful than them
That's fine wit me, more stress on them
I don't let that get to me, that's what sepeartes the best from the rest
I'm a fiend for my hip-hop stuff, like the druggies are on the corner for their blunt
You won't find me drunk or high, I got more priorities in my life
That's I always come back like your favorite rapper
And if your hatin' dumb ass doesn't like the way I track my words
Let's see then if you can come back to jab better
Than my display and if you can't then don't say a damn word
This is my stage let me get on and give the die hard fans more
That's right I'll go to your wack concert
And take ya mic and it'll turn your fans over
Damn right, I'm better than a lot of these platinum rappers
That's why I ain't afraid of them
I'll step right on the stage to blaze them
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much love to ya'll
made me forget the haters and just ball
reminds me of freestlyin with my homies
come back a year later im successful, they all fonies
what a want is a good girl and a good carrer
but the pain inside hurts more over the years
i dont cry but i dont laugh, its in the middle
i dont have a sense of humour when its down to the riddle
im serious and in my zone, i dont care if im on my own
but sometimes when i dont have a girl and im alone
wana go home but it wont work cause i gotta b***
bigted j-o-e thats the way i roll
tryin to get pass me, pay me a heafty toll
girls wantin me, guys wantin 2 b me
but you cant be free, cant be j-o-e
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What happened to this battle? Big Ted and j-o-e are the only ones
That got the clearest handle when it comes to competition look pitifully dumb
Where's everyone else at to exercise
They must be eating too much burger and fries
That makes typing your flow such an overexertion of your mind
So what if this don't count
I'm here to show y'all what my flow's all about
I don't just post a verse one day and not rhyme for the next 2 months
Even when I'm at work 2day, I'll take some time out to freestyle/write down stuff
'Cause I've been rhymin' way before I've been posting here
I wanna y'all to realise that my love for hip-hop is what makes my goals clear
I don't like the direction it's gone
So it's up to me to spear it back to the lyrical quest's that's strong
I wanna turn on the hip-hop fans that've been fiending for the realest rap so long
This is about the peeps
Not just about me
So if you're not a lyricist, it's ok
For y'all that show love for Big Ted, I rep for y'all anyway
I don't ask for a lot just respect
'Cause I work for my own check
So providing for myself and fam is always correct
And if you stand 4 somethin', I give u nuff respect
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the whackest rapper comin back badder than ever
rap thru sunshine to slete it dont matter the weather
i got loads of talent to show
the best talent i got is the way i prove my flow
make it fast or make it slow, ya'll know its joe
bigted and j-o-e rippin the roc da mic freestyle
ill be gone, but only for a little while
make you laugh, make you cry, make you smile
in the same rhyme, measured in fine wine, take a sign
i got some props but no many, but that dont phaze me
all i kno is when i blaze you, you aint gonna blaze me
try and beat me, ill trick ya and make you treat me
by lettin me beat your ass in a single line
you like this line, ya'll gonna feel my rhyme
and if you dont feel it, you cant have the rights to read em
and when you read em you gonna get them stuck in ya head
for days and days and when the song finally plays, your in ya bed
look at mankind, make sure you make up your mind
who's whack and who isnt, you cant see me, im hard to find
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