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Wuts up everyone? I just wanted to know wut are ur favorite old school songs?
Here's my list:
The message- Grandmaster flash
La di Da di- Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh
Peter Piper- Run DMC
Just a friend- Biz Markie
O.P.P.- Naughty by Nature
Push it- Salt & Peppa
The choice is yours- Black Sheep
Summertime- JJ+FP
Rappers delight- Sugarhill gang
Walk this way- Run DMC ft. Aerosmith
Bust a move- Younc MC

and much more!!!!!

Peace :dj: :music: : :jig: Edited by badboys
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I don't wanna sum it up in song titles...cuz i like pretty much every song by my favorite old skool artists. Here's a list...

L.L. Cool J
M.C. Hammer
Queen Latifah
Heavy D + The Boyz
Eric B. + Rakim
Sugarhill Gang
Digital Underground
Kool Moe Dee
Kurtis Blow
MC Lyte
Yo Yo
Grandmaster Flash + The Furious Five
Doug E. Fresh + The Get Fresh Crew
Biz Markie
Young MC
Slick Rick
Oaktown 3.5.7.
Public Enemy

And the list goes on like that
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Please tell me u are kidding. Public Enemy..."gangsta"??? PE is the most anti-gangsta group ever. U gotta hear their 1994 single "Give It Up"...it's one of my favorite trax by them.

Also, let me say this. There is hardcore Hip-Hop and there is "gangsta rap." Hardcore Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop music branching from the grittier, darkside of Hip-Hop...heavily street oriented. The emcees who created Hardcore Hip-Hop either experienced this stuff or came up in an enviorment where they came up around that lifestyle. "Gangsta Rap" is all the phoney artists that came out after Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" album blew up. These guys just talk guns, drugs, sex, and money cuz other people already did it and they know it's a sure fire way 2 make money. They aren't creative and in most cases, they never set foot in the darker sides of the streets. When Ja-Rule and 50 Cent try 2 be serious about this kinda stuff....intellegent Hip-Hop heads laff at them cuz they are so phoney and uncreative. When u listen 2 an Ice Cube track or Ice-T track...u know it's coming from a legit artist who knows what he's talking about.

N.W.A. set the standard for what "gangsta rap" could have been but just isn't. If u listen 2 alot of N.W.A's stuff, it's more than what people give it credit 4. Of all the people i listed, N.W.A. is probably at the bottom of that list, but they made some real relavant stuff. Check it if u get the chance.
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[quote=DevilsJim89,Jul 16 2004, 04:40 AM]NWA and Public Enemy? Wasnt that Gangsta rap? I thought you didnt like that kinda rap...or maybe that was FP. lolol.

I gotta get some Heavy D CDs...I love what I have from him on my computer.[/quote]
FP has admitted 2 liking music much harder than his own...but we all know his opinion about "Gangsta Rap." Public Enemy is one of his favorite groups. At least back in the '80's, he credits them 4 alot (check the SPIN article on them). I can't remember if he ever has talked about N.W.A. but i'm pretty sure that i've heard him give Dr. Dre and Ice Cube props in the past. Will is actually cool with Ice-T also. Somewhere in my video collection, i have a tape which has an episode of The Arsenio Hall Show where DJ Jazzy Jeff is sitting in with the band and Ice-T waz on the show talking about him and Will being cool and the differences in their music.

Oh yeah, and i'll give u list of Heavy D trax 2 check 4 in a day or 2.
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