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This request goes out 2 all of audio mixers/editers or whatever. "Potnas" is my favorite solo 'Will Smith' song since his comeback, but what kills me is that it's blended with that interlude. I was wondering if any of you could take "Potnas" and just make is steadily fade at the end so that it ends right be u hear Will and his dad start talking. That way the track can stand alone and my mix CDs can flow better.

I know somebody already seperated the Willennium Interlude so that it's just Will's rap without Will and his dad talking in the beginning. I waz wondering if u could post that again so i can download it.

"Potnas" and the Willennium "Interlude" are at the top of my fav solo joints list and it kills me that they are attatched 2 each other. If anyone could seperate them and put them up as MP3s (and make the sound quality as good as possible), i will 4ever be greatful. I'm pretty sure other people would be really happy with it as well.
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so here it is:

right click and save as ;)


p.s.: if my fast ftp is back on i´ll load it up there ..

p.s.s.: quality: 160kbps .. potnas .. short fade out @ the end .. interlude .. untouched .. Edited by Lhunagar
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Lhunagar, thanx so much...u have no idea how thankful i am.

Da Brakes, if u can make a version with better sound quality, i'll have no problem waiting. Thanx in advance!!

U guys have helped me make my personal mix-CDs 100 times better.
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hehe .. np :) ..

its on my fast ftp now ..



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[quote=Da Brakes,Jul 15 2004, 09:21 PM]If I was at home with my equipment i would have been able to do it perfectly at CD quality!! If you don't mind waiting until Sat 24th I can do it for u then!![/quote]
Procrastination is a beautiful thing. :kekeke:

Don't worry though Brakes, because I know you aren't at home just now :thumb:
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