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KG Drawing


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Yo, I had an art final I had to do in the past week. I had to base my drawing on something I am passionate about. I chose to draw a picture of my favorite basketball player, Kevin Garnett. My drawing is based on KG looking like a gladiator, to show symbolisim, that sports can be like a battle. I thought I would share it with ya'll cause I thought it turned out pretty well. Also, some of the shading looks a little weird in the pics on his left arm, because of the light reflecting off the lead. Thanks for looking.

edit- sorry for the large pics, and if anyone reads the magazine SLAM, you will notice I based my drawing on the pic of the adidas KG ad on the back cover of this months issue.


Close up:


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hey that is a good drawin man!..even better than the JJFP one :lolsign: the other ones r good too! dont get me wrong, but this deserves the first place :2thumbs:

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That is dope, man..You know something, you could be helpful with my next album cover, if I choose to go that route...

If its cool with you, and I decide I want it to to look lik this, i'll get at you.

I would be honored to help you out if you decide to go this route. I think that would look awesome. Just let me know if you do decide to use it, or if I can help you out in any other way. :2thumbs:

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