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WIll has so many hookups! but why...


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doesn't he collab with lots of artists...

I dont mean it so that his RECORD just becomes someone elses, but it would truely improve respect among the new generation of rap fans.

Remind you I dont want his record to be watered down with other artists, but it would really lighten up the chorus if he didn't have to say them all the time.

You know what I mean?

I think "Da Butta" with Lil Kim is one of the best "back and forth" trax he's made with anyone!

I mean if you look at all the people that are friends with Will he can pick from a Crop of hot singers.

What Do Ya'll Think, Am i Right, or am I right!

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"A new generation of rap fans" don't mean anything. Why try 2 impress a bunch of young kids who have awful taste in music? FP isn't making music 4 that kinda person. He's not gonna go out of his way 2 get fans. Real recognize real...and real music fans will find his music.

I don't like the idea of 2 many collaborations his albums. He isn't like Nelly or 50 Cent where u they lack so much talent they desperatly go 2 others since they can't hold their own. So many collaborations are done just for sales...which is stupid. If u get 2 creative people who wanna come 2gether and make good music, that's cool...but not for sales.

Tell Me Why, The Rain, So Fresh, Boy You Knock Me Out, Uuhhh are all dope trax where he worked with other people. They came 2gether 2 create something dope...and that's what they did.

But when u look at a song like "Da Butta"...u gotta wonder why he worked with Lil' Kim who can't write, can't rap, and has a nasty public image.

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Yeah if you look at the charts you see all the popular rappers represent an image that FP don't potray in his songs, he might say nice comments about Nelly and 50 Cent but you won't see him rushing to do a song with him 'cause they make songs about guns and hoes on the most part and FP don't, but hey so does Snoop and Luda and he did songs with them, a lot of us give praise to Snoop Dogg but let's be real he's the godfather of the pimp image that 50 Cent and Nelly represent so it's not as much of a stretch to see FP do collabs with some of them out now if they could keep the content non-pimp for the song just like when FP did the "Pump Ya Brakes" song with Snoop, it wasn't a gangsta song, it was a hip-hop club joint, maybe FP would do something like that with them, I see that as a way to bridge the gap between commercial rap and hip-hop artists, instead of them being divided and beefing with each other...

But collabs hasn't a top priority for him on the most part of his career but since he came back in the mid-90s he started to do more but we need more collabs with Jazzy instead of everyone else, the one thing that matters most is doing another album with Jazzy, he don't need any other guest appearances on it "Jeff + Prince= Hit Records" .... btw, FP's gonna be doing a compilation album so if you want a lot of guest appearances, check out for that album, I'm a lil' excited about that but I'll be dissapointed if there ain't a JJFP album soon.... btw, I'm still dissapointed about FP not having those songs on the "Bad Boys II" soundtrack, sure the soundtrack sucked, but it'd been better if he released one of the songs he recorded for his own movie as a single, I think they were solo tracks too not collabs, that'd probably had more people anticipating his next's album... I like the way FP does things on the most part, work with ol' school and new school mcs, except he needs to have Jazzy produce more for him, I'm surprised Tim never tried to get JJFP to work with Hieroglyphics since he's a such a fanatic of them, do the hookup man, lol...

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