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The Pulling of 2 Souls...


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I feel it, stronger than ever.

The pulling of 2 souls...

here I sit, slowly closing my eyes/

finding myself floating, encompassing a natural high//

soultry sound of sweet music, thats aphrodisiatic/

a sexy mood enhancer, stimuation gettin at it//

elements of earth, wind and fire/

birthing a universe of desire//

from within the depths of my soul to aphelion/

pulling my being closer, yes. Im feeling him//

closer towards my destiny/

to fulfill the final connectivity//

third eye sees only you & me/

joining us in unity. //

This undying dream, blending like Adam and Eve.../

a sillhouette, soft amber horizon illuminating the pacific seas...

Its only a matter of tyme/

God has ordered my steps, to leave all behind//

and follow my mind's prophetical envision /

the pulling of 2 souls, just as it is written...//



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I like it too, though I got the same impression as Chief. :paperbag: :2thumbs:

well,... i really wouldn't MIND gettin me a lil bit, LOL... i guess i get carried away sumtymes when i write...

i was on a 'spiritual climax'. dag. if I gave THAt kinda impression, u know i musta been feelin pretty d-a -r-n goood. :2thumbs:



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