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I LOVE U MAN!!!!!!!!!!!.


i was just goin thru sum cds, mixed with music, pics.. and its like SATURDAY to me right now,. oh wait,. :hmm: it is saturday. LOL... but thats besides the point. (b een up all nyte.)

I pulled out aLOT of cds, tryna look up pics, music etc... and ran into some OLD treasures. JJFP music that I thought I would never see again. haha. I remembe when I had that MSN fans website for Will Smith, and lo and behold , I find this cd full with tens of pics. LOL... and one track i havent heard in awhile, that I got from u tim... dang...whos the artist,....

"Places and Spaces " ? oh crap... is that it tim???

anyways,...thanX man... This morning I went back down memory lane, in a real greate way... and u've been a part of that memory... U TOO AJ> !!! and I even found a mix that XploZive did for me... hahahaha...... surely nobody dont wanna hear that tho.... (kinda personal joint haha ) :2thumbs: whoooooooo.


dummie me... :paperbag:

Soon ( A touch of Jazz Mix) Jazzanova + DJ Jazzy Jeff... this is soo my joint right now! got this from AJ...



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