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well you could see how much more impact "switch" had than "party starter" as far as getting people to buy "lost and found", i think "party starter" was on some hip-hop mixtapes though and had street cred, unlike "switch" but street cred don't mean sales...."if you come too high, that'll alienate folks and they won't buy it".... "10" can't be that bad of an album either 'cause I remember jay-z saying that ll's the best rapper in hip-hop around the time that album dropped, "10" was not as great as "The G.O.A.T." just like "Blueprint 2" was not as great "Blueprint" but that doesn't take away from them being top mcs, i think most albums could be cut down to 10 tracks too, these days if anybody could have more than 5 good tracks on an album it's solid when a lot these days only have 2 or 3 good songs on them....

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