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Tatyana Ali is in the new movie "Glory Road"


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I just saw the new basketball movie "Glory Road" today. Its about a no name girls highschool basketball coach that gets a job coaching a no name D1 basketball team. The coach has to recruite players, and he ends up recruiting black player. The setting of this movie is the 1960s, so everyone is racist towards the black players. They end up playing threw hardships of discrimination. I really liked this movie, and I recommend seeing it. Tatyana role is a girl friend of one of the black players on the team. I didn't recongize her until I saw her name in the credits though, and i am like oh, that was her! haha. Thanks for looking.

One more thing. This movie dosen't come out for bout a week, and I saw a "sneak preview" that they play at a few movie theaters.

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