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Boom Shake The Room Was Played During The 1995 NBA Dunk Contest!


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I was just watching old highlights of NBA Dunk Contests, including the 86 contest where Spud put on a show, and the 95 contest. In the beggining of the 95 NBA Dunk Contest, when they annoucers introduced the players names, Boom Shake The Room was being played over the loud speaker :speaker1: :2thumbs: They also played Boom during a few of the first dunks. It kinda surprised me cause I was just watching it, and all of a sudden I hear that familiar song. Also this year or last year, when I went to a Minnesota Timberwolves NBA game, they played Boom Shake The Room over the loud speaker too. Wow, I think its tight that they played a song over the loud speaker that they used at the NBA Dunk Contest 11 years ealier. How many hip hop/rap songs can you name have done something similar at a sporting event? I doubt there is that many out there. I just thought I would just share this with ya'll :kool:

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