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Picture me

Killing my destiny

With the pen in my hand

Look god, here I stand

In don't fear nothing but being lonely

The pain runs deep can you feel it homie?

Now I call myself a lost soul

Mybe you don't understand

Only when your heart turns cold

It's all in god's hands

You call it destiny

I'm all about passion

That's the best in me

My moto, fear is stronger than love

I send all my memories to the man up above

Maybe he can help me with the demons in my head

If destiny exsist, tomorrow I could be dead

These are my feelings I know you can relate

If not your attitude is fake

I'm proud I could never be a snake

'Cause my heart is pure it's never too late

Just use your brain

Stop searchin' for fame

And start playin' the game

Now can you see?

Tell me what's your destiny!


That was a quick work, just wrote it down as it came... Holler!

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i througuly enjoyed it! it rememnded me so much of tupac i cant explain. so when someone compares you to tupac...thats a really good compliment.


Thanks dawg! For sure that's a compliment and there's no doubt he is my inspiration but I don't want to be like 'Pac! I write these things cause I feel like that. When I write in german, it's a totally different style, english flows better when you read it but in german I can put more heart in it and emotions. Remember, if it comes from the heart it's always the best no matter in what language! Peace

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