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Run + DMC are still cool. They are like brothers. They came up 2gether, took over the world, and basically made Hip-Hop accessable 2 pop culture. Listen 2 the song "Let's Stay Together" (off Crown Royal). The video takes it even 1 step further.

Over the years, Run + D's taste changed. Run stayed in2 Hip-Hop while DMC started checkin' other styles of music. The fact that DMC's voice has weakened over the years and that their artistic styles had changed are what made Crown Royal the album it is.

When Jam Master Jay waz killed, they both said things in interviews saying how their next album waz gonna take it back 2 the heart of Run DMC. They said that they were gonna mix their different styles 2gether 2 make the next album more complete than Crown Royal. They sounded like they were just about 2 start work on it when Jay waz killed. Days later, they retired Run DMC. Since then, they have appeared at certain events 2gether, but as of right now, they are taking the retirement of of working 2gether pretty serious.

Run's solo album is exactly that...a solo album. Nobody has any guest spots on the album. The track "Home Sweet Home" kinda deals with Run DMC's legacy.

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They're cool, but after Jay Passed, I Remember hearing that they both announced their Retirment. I guess Run Came out of it, (OBviously), but DMC Is still focusing on other things.

He's on alot of those VH1 specials, though. You know the Celebrity Cast that comments on whatever they're talking about.

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The fellaz didn't retire. They retired the group. I wouldn't be surprised if they do work 2gether in the future, but as for Run DMC the group, there's won't be any new material. I can see Run doing all kinds of business things and dropping an album every once in a awhile. DMC still plans on dropping that solo album 2 the best of my knowledge. He dose alot of TV interviews and specials still.

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I thought it was wack that DMC wasn't at the Hip-Hop Honors when Rev. Run and Russell were hosting, I see DMC ain't in Rev. Run's reality show either so far.

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