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New Book Profiles 31 African-American Women Who Chose To Work Beside Their Husbands

Phoenix, AZ (BlackNews.com) - Beside Every Great Man profiles thirty-one African American women who chose to work beside their husbands in their mission to become successful, powerful and spiritual African American men, including: Simone Smith (wife of L.L. Cool J), Kimora Simmons (wife of Russell Simmons), Serita Jakes (wife of T.D. Jakes), Tracy Edmonds (wife of Babyface), Alma Powell (wife of Colin Powell), Eunice Johnson (wife of John Johnson), Gloria Gary (wife of Attorney Willie Gary) and Betty Shabazz (wife of Malcolm X).

Like many of our nationally renowned African American men who have become corporate giants, civil rights leaders, entertainment industry moguls or famous preachers, the women in their lives supported them in their efforts wholeheartedly. To guide you in your efforts to help your great man reach his goals, author Kitty Pope gives you easy-to-follow advice on topics such as: The Successful Wife, The Dual Career Wife, The Supportive Wife & Sacrifice, Understanding Your Man, The Spiritual Man and The Man Who Gives Back.

If you are in a relationship with an African American man who strives for perfection and seeks success in his chosen field, this book is for you!

Your man may not be famous, but he may be a business owner, a professional or a good father and provider. He may have pursued worthwhile endeavors and made his marks in his own way. Beside Every Great Man focuses on self-help for the African-American woman who desires to strengthen her relationship with her husband or partner, either as a full-time support system, a full-time business partner, or by working full time in a separate career; and it gives you clarity on how you can make a difference to your husband, your family, your community or your nation.

Let Kitty J. Pope show you, the woman beside the man, how you can help make your good man great.

Here's what people are saying:

"Pope pays tribute to Jada Pinkett-Smith, Coretta Scott King, Camille Cosby, and others who have been instrumental in their husband's extraordinary achievements. A MUST READ!" -- Ann Burns, Associate Editor, Library Journal Book Review

"Powerful, Intriguing, Pure and Real! Everlasting love and success, as told through interviews of today's most powerful couples who have survived and endured every storm." -- Heather Covington, Founder, Disilgold, Inc.

Kitty J. Pope is the former editor for Upscale Magazine


it's so cool to see other people recognizing Will and Jada's relationship :2thumbs:, i think it's great to see her grouped with other great women & famous wives, like Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, and Camille Cosby

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