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Look At Me


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With these lyrics I experiemented a bit, Tell me what ya'll think please?

Look At Me

Lived all my life just to get something to eat

Look at me now do you think it's all a treat?

Give me a chance and i'll make you never forget

Give me a dance and i'm sure you won't regret

What life did to you and did straight to me

Life isn't perfect, what's this date supposed to be

If anythin' the streets taught me the rules

It's your decision, just don't forget all your tools

Cause life can't be run with second geussin'

Waking up early with a vest cause i'm stressin

With the pressure pressin it's seems it's endless

Tried to keep my head up but I need a recess

Take a second to look at me for who I am

I knew before I got into this rap ****, It was a scam

They raised me the way they would do another

That's why when I holla at my boy, He's my brother

He grew up got screwed up just like me

Changes ain't certain, that's why I ain't got a degree

Never went to college and didn't even have a plan

Dreams from going from NYC straight to Japan

Life can be so quick but at the end it's your choice

You have a throat use it because you still have a voice....

My plan is not to be shamed for what I have done

Pray to god and thank him for the day I have a son

But that's a long way off and I don't want to be ahead

So if you think that imma go snitch and tell a Fed

That's not the way I roll I know how that **** goes

Got no more wastin my time with stupid call hoes

Be determind and keep my head straight, it's fate

So Look at me now when i'm telling you that i'm straight

Look at me now for all the people that were at school

I wasn't bullied but some still say that I was a fool

Just because I spit like acin rain you barely sane

Been hated on by a few but i'm not saying no names

And I almost hit one guy last week for embarrisin me

But if I would of hit him the police will be harrasin me

So take a second to think that he is just an example

Want pure proof then I geuss I have to get a sample

Music is in my blood and even though i'd hate not to make

Brake hits even though I know everythings at stake

Smoking ciggerates untill my blood is just nicotine

Know this if you hate on me I won't hesititate to bust ya spline

I just hope these lyrics will live on even if I'm dead

I'm on the run of my life and the traffic lights still on red

So to all the haters that think they had shooken me

Imma make one thing clear man, Just look at me

Stop wasting my time give me a second just to correct

Tougin at my shoulder just for me to accept

Geuss you think you don't have enough time to see

That nobody can ever be as close as me

Lookin at myself in a mirror ain't he so great

Don't need to boast myself up, that's why I dont hate

Try and screw with me homie I am a verteran

David Letterman even said that theres no one better than

It's funny since I'm breathin and you're the one grievin

You need a tissue because I see you gonna start sneezin

Stop with the mirical whips 1-2-5 king of the ship

Scream with the ****, Making even Vanilla Ice quit

Everytime I cry I burn page in my rhymebook

Ya'll like starin at me, it gonna charge ya for a look

Want me to out rap you or completly out smack you

Nobody knows as many people as these packs do.

Look at me just because i'm in these trampy clothes

Stupid hoes can't see what I really know, Mayjor tho

If there was a twenty five reuinoin at my school

Imma show these tracks to the backs of them fools

Step back because I don't want to rewind untill I need to

You think you in fast cars but we quicker than ever than you...

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