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Do you consider Lost & Found a success?

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well it depnds who u ask...

sales were pretty good, not as we expected but not B2R kind of saeles...

if we look on the music, well most of the songs were hits and I just loved the music altho I expected more collabs with ppl from the mainstream like kanye...

and in genneral I love lost and found...

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It´s a success for Will as an artist, it´s his best solo album, but it will be a HUGE success for Will as a rapper if Interscope (& Will by his side) released the right singles.

In my opinion, after Switch they should be released one of the "serious" tracks like Tell me Why or even Lost & Found, but they sell once again Will Smith THE ENTERTAINER, not the rapper.

They´re released two non-stop dance hits, too Willie Style; even Party Starter, a more serious track, turn into another "oh, Will Smith playing Will Smith...again" with that awful video with Will making all those "funny" faces and moves...you know...playing himself...

Maybe Will puts all his soul and talent doing "LOST & FOUND", but it seems that he´s not too interested about doing the same about promote it; he started with too many performances of Switch everywhere, wasting amazing oportunities to promote himself as the talented lyricist that he is.

Maybe they released Tell me why, but I think Will LOST his last oportunity to b considered a "real" rapper...I really don´t care, because I´m going to enjoy his best solo album but I´m a little disappointed because all that ¿promotion?...

"Party Starter" was a perfect single and video to release to display his skills as a rapper, it's a shock that it wasn't a big hit considering that it was produced by Ludacris who's one of the most popular rappers out there. I don't think the people like Black Eyed Peas or 50 Cent that outsold Will are considered "real" rappers, those 2 songs "Window Shopper" and "My Humps" that're getting heavy airplay right now have no lyricism whatsoever in them, "Switch" has even more lyricism than those 2 combined and that was his worst lyrically on "Lost and Found". He needed to have more tracks like that if he wanted more people to buy it, this album does win back a lot of credability in hip-hop, the best lyricists don't have high sales but they get respect and I think Will's getting a lot of respect for this album and proves that he has many more albums left in him, I think the best is yet to come...

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