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Will dissed again


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I just bought the Hefty Fine, and they're not dissing Will. I don't even think it's dissing Eminem, it's just what everyone is saying, it's just a funny joke. Will and Eminem are prolly laughing at this.

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I think that line is pretty funny

hahah me too. :rofl: Thats hilarious that they are mocking themselves and eminem. I agree, Will and Eminem are probably laughing.

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look bloodhound gang dont take themselves seriously..im sure it wasnt even a diss but a joke :word:

Yepp, I agree! Look at them stupid dudes, they spit on each others mouth!!! BAH, DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!! :mygod:

Hey, just thought of that: Forget about them dudes! U think Will is givin' a damn about them all anymore? No, now not anymore because he said all he wanted 2 say in his L&F album and I think that's it 4 him - he won't do anything more, he won't say anything else, now he just let it be! :davidblaine:

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