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The F word on ''Tell me why''


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The beep is a little too audible for my taste, I think he should have kept it in, Ted pointed out that many CD's have the f-word and are not labeled "Parental Advisory." People may have criticized him for saying he doesn't swear, but he did in that song, but there is so much emotion built up in that verse, I don't think it would have been that big of a deal. He has nothing to prove to anyone, its not like he is cursing for no reason.

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Yeah I agree, he had a reason to do it. There is a lot of emotional feelings in that, but I like that it's bleeped out because sometimes we listen to L&F in the car with my family and my parents wouldn't appreciate hearing that, and I don't like hearing it either. I think the "bleep" is a bit loud in the song, they should've just had no sound at all. I've gotten used to it tho.

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