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So Nintendo released it's new Controller today...


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oh man, that looks kinda retarted lol. and really uncomferatble! i wonder who has a worse controller, revolution or ps3?

Do you use a TV remote? That's what it'll feel like, except it's ergonomically designed to be more comfortable.

Oh, and check out this video: http://media.cube.ign.com/articles/651/651334/vids_1.html

They didn't even show the games and it still looks tight.

God Blessa!

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Uncomfortable for gaming though. I mean that Shell they're adding on is cool, but it amesk the original thing pointless. what aobut games like Madden? You'll NEED to buy the add on, if it isn't sold with the unit.

How would it be uncomfortable for gaming? The analogue stick is a seperate attachment that you hold with the left hand. Read the link I posted PLEASE. Reading about it has made many people do 180 in their thoughts about the thing.

God Blessa!

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