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Soundscan numbers this week


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Thanks for posting I already posted it though in the pinned topic for the album sales.

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There's only about 5 rap albums that went platinum though which were all more hyped than Will's, Game and 50 had their beef, Kanye got a lot of critical acclaim, and Black Eyed Peas are radio friendly, Will's sold his records the old fashioned way through word of mouth from skills that weren't overhyped surviving the hate from the media and the resistance to play "Switch" on black radio(which is listened by mostly whites anyway now, it's just another version of pop radio, lol), there's less interest in commercial rap now so it ain't only Will struggling to go platinum, I think there's quite a few albums that were promoted better than "Lost and Found" but yet they all sold less than him, if Will had the type of hype Common had with magazines giving him perfect ratings he'd gone platinum already just like Kanye did with his hype but Common needed that to do Will Smith numbers since he didn't have that much of a fanbase to begin with, Young Jeezy and Bow Wow have videos getting more airplay than "Switch" and yet they ain't gold, Tony Yayo's part of the G Unit gimmick machine but he might not go gold either, Missy ain't gold either and she won an MTV video award and Will wasn't even nominated, looks like Will's gonna be in the top 10 selling rap albums of the year at the worst which is great considering there's 100s of albums released, a lot had stronger 1st weeks than Will but they fall off the charts in a couple months, this album had legs to stay for a good 6 months, which is rare now, it could still push 700-750K if "Party Starter" gets a lot of video play too, "Tell Me Why" comes out and it could do 850K-900K by the end of the year and go platinum in the US by next year, it's platinum worldwide already, this was a good comeback album, every rapper that came out when he did wish that they could put up the type of numbers he's had, Rev. Run probably won't push 100,000, I wish it could go back to the days where quality sells not gimmicks or just acclaim by the media but that ain't happening. :worried:

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