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i saw on the website......

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I'm not going 2 share all of my sources b-cuz i've promised not 2 relveal some of them and promised not 2 share EVERYTHING they share with me. I'll give u a few tho' simply cuz when i get newz from certain ones, i state who it waz from. Some of my older inside news came from Keith Pelzer and Darren Henson who used 2 work with A Touch of Jazz. I had the benifit of talking 2 them (espeically Keith). Back then i also got 2 talk to Kel Spencer's girlfriend who waz at the time working at Overbrook (have no idea if she dose anymore). Of course i've also talked to Ready Rock C, Kel Spencer, and Kel's assitant as well. Occasionally i get 2 talk 2 DJ Jazzy Jeff and i've also talked 2 Irize. I've never gotten 2 talk 2 FP, but that dosen't mean i dont' have a way 2 contact him...ha ha...it's just never worked and it's slimmer than the chance Will + Martin had driving that porshe thru' that opening at the airport in Bad Boys...ha ha. There is one other source i havn't got 2 talk 2 in awhile, but Tim has (a shout out goes 2 her 4 keeping us posted).

p.s. I won't eleborate on any of this so don't ask. :biggrin: Either choose 2 trust me or don't.
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