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Diddy's Party A Big Dud


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Evidently people decided to tune out MTV during the awards:

Diddy Did Diddly for MTV

By John M. Higgins -- Broadcasting & Cable, 8/30/2005 5:26:00 PM

The audience to MTV’s Video Music Awards plunged 22%.

Nielsen Media reports that the VMAs – hosted in Miami by the recently-rechristened rapper and producer Diddy -- averaged 8 million total viewers Sunday night, off sharply from 10.3 million viewers last year.

The latest score is part of a long slide for the awards show.

Sunday night's show had no big moment, with the surprise performance for the night coming from…..My Chemical Romance.

It wasn't much of a substitute for Madonna making out with Britney Spears.

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my chemical romance and the killers suck. some of the things that were worth watching was shakira( omg she was hot) eva longoria (bathing suit) mariah carey (good performance) and that's bout it.will should have performed PS and lost and found to shut those gunit morons up. it just wasn't worth watching and diddy sucked as a host. i only liked that part where he told ppl how he came to diddy with seanye west and all

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