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That 1st time on March 29th feels like yesterday, I bought the album around 4PM that day, I wanted to wait until I got home to listen to it 'cause I knew the excitement would distract me on the road, lol, and by the time I got home I saw that Will was on TRL, reading credits in between commercials, so I was watching that until around 6:30PM when I threw it in my stereo and had it on repeat until I gradually fell asleep, I came on here and was talkin' about how great it was too of course, that day was pure ecxtasy that I'll never forget for the rest of my life 'cause it feels like it's been years since any album has excited me listening to as much as "Lost and Found", I got the feeling that hip-hop was alive again and I put the poster of Will on my wall that night 'cause he truely is my hero! :rockon:

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