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Good To You World

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Sup y'all,

It's been a long time since I wrote some lyrics but here you have it! I wrote this one for my album (The First Coming)! I used the beat "Good To You" that Kanye West made for Talib Kweli on the "Quality" album!

My song is cald "Good To You World" and it's just what I feel about Hip Hop and this world! Check it out y'all!




Let me tell y’all what it is!

How it is around here!

How I feel y’all


Yeah that’s all I wane be!

Crazy nobody feels the same!

All this hatred! All these terrorist attacks!


Yeah…Check it!


Yo, if I would sound like you, you could shoot me

Shut my system down and reboot me

It’s scary how all these rap acts sound the same

And how they be polluting the game

It’s funny how people confuse my name

Tinus, I’m not rapping for the fame

Who needs guns and drugs, fakes ass thugs

Showing fake ass love, getting fake ass hugs

I open my eyes, look around and cry

Cuss I realize only 5 years till Hip Hop really die

I wane be good to you, treat me the damn same

Stop acting a fool, putting ya family to a shame

MC’s afraid of their own brain, go a head and complain

When push comes to show you can’t beat the rain

Police brutality, tease a mota****er till he drop

Stab him, shoot him, get away with it cuss you a cop

Black versus white, cotton for a better society

We need different colors, the world needs variety

Go to war in name of your God, raise the gun

Fundamental hatred, even in London

Hear people say (WANNE BE GOOD TO YOU)

They say it but they never do

The world is going down, it’s just a matter of years

We’re destroying our own world, God’s in tears

So I raise my voice and say


United we stand, fight the motha****ing power

We can’t allow to get a second Twin Tower

911 will forever be in our memory

There’s no way we can change our destiny

My tears burn like acid right trough my skin

I can’t believe all this bull**** we’re in

How can we smile when we see no tomorrow

One day it’ll be too late, we’ll drown in our sorrow

We wane change the world, but can’t change ourselves

You can’t help yourself, so let stand some one else

We need to give this world one more chance

And save it from the devils last dance


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Hey, I used that beat also for my "From The Penn" album, but mine was about a girl that steps out on her man.

I thought the lyrics were ok. Definately mixtape material.

"Go to war in name of your God, raise the gun" - that was a powerful line that stuck out for me

"You can't help yourself, so let's stand for someone else" - just to make it sound better.

So how many more tracks before "The First Coming" is finished? btw, if U want a beat, check out Nas's "The Second Coming". I really think you'd like it.

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My album is on hold right now! I need to write more! I've got a lot of beat, even one that Vipa made me, but I need to find some time to record them! First thing I need is a new mic! Could you upload that beat man?

Thanx 4 your thoughts!

Any more thoughts on my lyrics?

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