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FuQ - Opportunity


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What's up y'all? I put the finishing touches on some lyrics for this song. MC2B (who can also be found on soundclick) liked my style to the point that he wants me over one of his beats. I wrote lyrics to "All Night", but it was just too much of not my flavor that I could use. This time around, I was feelin' "Opportunity" just enuff to see how things go. I'll be recording the audio most likely tomorrow, so til then, here's the lyrics...

Verse 1

My opportunity to hit you in the face

No dime stops the rhyme, time tick the bass

No sweat set, wit a pen I inject

rhythmic scripts into notebooks I've always kept

While the rest dib and dap with their gift of gab

need to face the realization I got something they never had

Opportunity struck, others go down on their luck

I get infurated, and then I erupt

What's up with today's world of variety

I'm the new found drug, but thru the ears U will be tryin' me

Addictical fiends, mix me in the atmosphere

Their inject will reflect like a bedroom mirror

But record execs don't respect skill

Only got in the business to make a dolla-dolla bill

So y'all get ill, while the dj's scratching makes U infected

Give me my shot now, but I'm not desperate

Verse 2

I got the mic, and stand before a power

that can change the way I live, not makin money by the hour

It's a cloud of confusion, does my vibe move them

Think they know enough that people like the music

If not, cut out the middle man, go str8 to the source

that walks up on this sound, yeah I'm feelin' their choice

Makin stage presence good, words I'm speakin' understood

Crowds come from anywhere that's livin' in the neighborhood

I don't have to be Curtie Jackson actin'

or fill up da spot wit a bunch a different factions

The fact is, that I'm good at what I do

A natural ability that no one comes close to

But yet so many get thru by misconception

The game is f***ed up, it needs a contraceptive

Roll over Rover, diggy doggin 4 a bone

The now or never chance tha won't be blown

Verse 3

It's a rough reality to predict the mentality

cuz ya never know who can cross ya undoubtably

I keep in presence of mind, exactly what's mine

Nobody's takin the good of my find

I'm takin such a competitive stance

Try to make me think I got nothing but a dead end chance

I'll get cha brick wall blown to bits

Challenge you punks, crossin' the line and jumpin' every fence

I'm not unstoppable, but I won't stop for you

I'm contained in what I wanna do

Rock the blocks, make the beats continue

Into an artistic picture, my rhymes can send you

It all depends what type of ledge your on

But I know where to go so I don't fall in bad form

And plot the best, don't waste ya breath

This my spot, you need to step


I don't think it's my best. I'd just use to get a buzz or soemthing.

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