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Like Miss Jackson would say: Give me a Beat!

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Okay everyone. Today I was able to quickly write a short song song that I'm really proud of. I'd like to get it out here as fast as possible. The song is a 16 bar story. The flow is very quick. One line after the other is delivered in a smooth motion. The song is less than a minute long.

I'd like any and all who could help me out to share a beat or point me to one. Given the way the song flows, I may have to tweak/shorten/extend the beat some. I don't know if I'll get any replies to this, but it's worth a shot. I'd just really like to share the song as soon as possible.

God Blessa!

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Perhaps sharing the lyrics with us would help some.

I'm sure it would. But I'd like to bring it all in as one big thing. I understand that this is kind of a difficult request. I feel like I'll probably end up doing a quick beat on my own. Any help offered is appreciated though.

God Blessa!

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