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I Robot Review -SPOILERS!!!!


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I saw this movie the other day as I was invited to a sneak test screening to a "highly anticipated action movie to be released by a major motion picture studio". We didn't find out what movie it was until literally a minute before it started. We had to sign consent and disclosure forms, and state where we worked and everything (two sports journalists were barred from entry, due to the studio not wanting any premature reviews published, as this was still a work-in-progress.) I just stated retail for fear that me saying "manager of the music/Movie department at Target or Suncoast sales associate would get me kicked out. We were practically strip searched fpr camera phones, cameras or any recording device . They even confiscated my pack of gum because the foil wrappers set off the metal detector!!
Anyways, aside for the unfinished special effects in the movie, this film kicked ass!! This is Will Smith's best picture ever (and I liked Bad Boys, Six Degrees, Men In Black, ID4, Ali, even Wild Wild West) and he's surrounded by a great cast including Bridget Moynahan (Coyote Ugly, The Recruit), Chi McBride ("Boston Public", "The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer"), James Cromwell (The Sum Of All Fears, The General's Daughter), Bruce Greenwood (Thirteen Days, Double Jeopardy), Alan Tudyk (Dodgeball, "Firefly") and Shia LeBouf (Holes, "Even Stevens").


This movie is waaay better than I expected. Will Smith's character, Detective Dale Spooner is comedic/cynical/borderline paranoid. He hates robots and think they plan to take over the world by destroying humans, even though there has been no documented case of a robot hurting a human. In fact all robots are programmed with three laws:

Law I - A robot may not cause any harm to a human or allow any harm to fall upon a human due to inaction.
Law II - A robot must do what a human tells it to do, unless it violates Law I.
Law III - A robot must protect itself from harm unless it violates either or both of Law i or Law II.

While investigating a reported suicide at U.S. Robotics (USR) that he suspects is murder, "Spoon" is surprised by a robot that is hiding at the crime scene. The robot points a gun at Spoon's head and tries to defend himself, which no robot is supposed to be able to do. The robot escapes and a chase ensues, with Spoon eventually calling for back-up and the robot taken into custody. The corporation that created the robots is pissed off because a robot cannot be charged with a crime. Even the police dept. thinks Spoon is crazy. They work out a compromise where the corp. will destroy the robot. Spoon questions the robot before his release and is surprised to see the robot expressing different emotions such as fear & anger as well as talking about love and "dreams", all things a robot is not supposed to understand.

Spoon thinks there is a cover-up because a massive trade-in of old robots for newer, more-human looking NS5s is about to take place in the coming week. The manufacturer, USR, plans to have an NS5 in every household (meaning a 1 robot to every 5 people ratio). Throughout the movie, Spoon is constantly attacked by NS5 robots but due to the super-efficiency of "car-accident debris-sweepers, and other robots, it makes him look crazy. He is kicked off the police force, but that doesn't stop him.

Let me just say this movie features "old" robot vs. "new" robot fights, human vs. robot street rumbles, Matrix-like fight sequences, and evrything you could want from a robot action movie!!!

Spoon has a bunch of great one-liners, but there is a lot of cursing in the movie so while the studio says the rating "is believed to be 'PG-13', the studio cannot, of course, guarantee the rating that the film will ultimately receive." I hope they get this rating because they could lose a substantial audience if its R-rated or substantial laughs if its edited out.

I participated in a chat-session afterwards to let them know what we liked and didn't like. Many people liked the cast but felt that some of the relationships were never explained (Will Smith and LeBeouf's characters, Spoon and his grandmother, "Gigi".) Certain cause-and-effects subplots might need to be more "fleshed" out and not so ambiguous or implied(there's a spoiler in that line somewhere!!). We all seemed to agree the special effects were going to be awesome (some were complete, while some still looked like they were straight out of "Tron").

Bridget Moynahan is hot as always and Bruce Greenwood is creepy. The design of the robots and their mobility is better than any I've ever seen before (read: they actually look, move and act like robots as opposed to cyborgs).

I can't wait to see this movie upon completion and buy the DVD. I'm not usually a sci-fi nut, but this movie could easily turn me into a junkie!! Highly recommended!!


I, Robot hits theatres on July 16th!!!
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YOU'RE VERY LUCKY!!!!!!! :bowrofl:

THANX HERO1 4 THE IFO :bowdown: :bowdown:
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