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Will a nightmare on elm street fan?


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I kinda relazied all of the NOES(nightmroe on elm street) referances that are in wills stuff. like obvoiusly theres "a nightmare on my street", but what about all the times he says freddy kruger in his other songs, i can think of the names but i know he says the name. and in FPOBA, he dresses up as him in the episode where carlton is bringing the car to palm beach. and im sure there are more.

Does anyone know if hes a big fan?

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I noticed Will has referred to Freddy Kruger a few times in FPOBA, like in the second episode when Ashley goes to her violin lesson and Will says something like "It's nice to hear that kind of music without Freddy Krugar killing somebody"... so I don't know, maybe he is a fan...

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i remember seein somewhere that there was a nightmare on my street video but it was pulled because of copyright issues but i cannot remember where i saw that.....by the way has anybody ever seen th nightmare on my street video????

and does anyone else seen where it says that and if so where???

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