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10:23 am Will and Jada stress that the blended-family comedy is "loosely" based on their so-called "domestic adventures." To what extent does art imitate life? "There's a man (Martin); there's the woman he's going to marry (Neal); and there's his ex-wife (Raye) with a baby boy (Griffin)," explains Will, who, when grilled further about the parallels, turns to his wife and jokingly huffs: "He just wants to be in our business, baby. He just wants to be in our business." This makes me laugh hard. Luckily, nothing comes flying out of my nose.

10:25 am While responding to a question, Jada is interrupted by 5-year-old Khamani, who decides to do a mic check. "Testing, testing, testing," he whispers. (Laughter)

10:26 am Will confirms that he and Jada will guest star on the show at some point this season. "Jada will play Robert's sister who comes to town to check out Tia. And I want to do a three-show arc where I play Neesee's first boyfriend after the divorce."

10:28 am Co-exec producer Betsy Borns insists that despite their big film careers, Will and Jada are very hands-on producers. "They are emotionally involved in every way."

10:34 am Will is asked why, if he misses sitcoms so much, he doesn't star in one again. The erstwhile Fresh Prince responds, matter-of-factly: "They pay me too much money to make movies." (Laughter)

10:37 am While Jada thoughtfully recounts the process that led her and Will to cast Martin as the show's leading man — "We wanted to hire an actor that was charming, extremely masculine, handsome... " — she fails to mention that the actor is also a longtime pal of the couple. Well, until Will interrupts and says, "[Duane's] our best friend!" (Laughter) "He and his wife introduced Jada and I to one another," Will adds. "Look, we're in Hollywood. We've got to do like white people do: give each other jobs." (Laughter)

10:41 am Following up on that, a reporter asks Martin why he thought Will and Jada would make a good couple. Will answers: "He knew that we both liked sex." That statement prompts little Khamani to pull his hat down over his eyes in embarrassment. (Laughter)

10:43 am "We are partners, we are parents, we are lovers," Jada says of her marriage to Will, who responds, "Yeah, baby. Yeaaaah." (Laughter) When someone asks when they plan to add a third child to their clan, Will doesn't miss a beat. "One more in about nine months I hope," he says. "As soon as I can get her upstairs!" (Laughter)

10:48 am The session ends, and a throng of press storm the stage, shoving tape recorders in the Smiths' faces. This makes the couple's posse of managers, publicists and bodyguards very nervous. Moments later, they're whisked away.

10:53 am Heading off to my room to get some work done, I spot Will, Jada and Co. slowly approaching the elevator bank. I decide to stall for a moment, hoping to board the same car as them.

10:56 am After a few minutes of hovering, I decide my actions are the stuff restraining orders are made of, and decide to board the next available elevator. Just at that moment, I hear the bodyguard yell, "Please hold that elevator!" The next thing I know...

10:57 am I'm on an elevator with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith!!!! Enjoying some privacy (or so he thinks), Will — clearly pleased with his wife's performance on stage — leans in and whispers, "My wife is smart and beautiful and funny." He then plants a kiss on her lips. (I swear I looked away.) Jada then informs her hubby, "The kids are going to meet us at the plane." Translation: Will wasn't joking about going upstairs to make a baby!

10:57 am I exit at my floor (the 15th) while the Smiths proceed upward to the penthouse.

10:59 am Back in my room, I call a friend and brag, "I was on an elevator with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith!!!!"
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