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Hip-Hop has been going strong for quite some time now. "It ain't gonna last." our parents would say. But here we are and there it is. Around us so much it is almost ridiculous. Hip-Hop has been from the dark area concrete streets to a tall fully lighted building with leather seats. It's been raw and real to fake appeal. It's been drama, it's been comical, it's been recognized, it's been dissed. Most of us know Hip-Hop's beginnings enuff to the point to respect it and understand it.

So now, I ask of those of us who rap, MC, entertain, whatever U wanna call it; let's see your beginnings. I thought we could have fun discussions wit some old rhymes. Maybe U haven't started very long, it's still nice to look back.


So now, I'd like to show my very 1st rhyme I ever wrote. Just one day in the summer I did it. I was listenin' to "Hit em High" and LL's part 'I make ya break ya ankles son, shake ya down' inspired my 1st song. I wrote a so-not-me intro then wrote the rhyme later. While writing this rhyme on whatever days, I think Diddy's 'Saga Continues' album gave me some ideas wit flow. I only have the typed version now...

Broken Ankles

Sept. 15, 2001 - Oct. 18, 2001 (finished earlier)

I broke ya ankles

Shook ya to the ground on ya knees

There you are beggin' me

no more please

I got this n**** right where I want him

on the ground

When his face hit the pavement

there wasn't even a sound

I been ballin' since the age of 3

Y'all n****s should know, not to mess wit me

And I control my game

and how it's goin be

Everybody is jealous of me

I'm on top

All them n****s got envy

Will this s*** ever stop?

(Echo) No...


Broken Ankles

I'm bout to shake U down

On my command, you'll fall to the ground

Broken Ankles

I hear a ccrrrack

Oh man, what the hell was that?

This is my game; my game, my game

Can't take anything from my fame

But you can be prepared

So you don't be a scared

I'm a tell ya what I'm bout to do

So you can speak international

for all them who think they can beat me

Let's see... oui (means 'yes' in french)

My handles can be

as quick as a germ

as slow as a worm

My shots so hot

they give the net a perm

My hands, are as fast as lightning

Everytime I play D

it's frightening

You don't know

what I'm goin do

or how

or if I'm school you

But after I do

I rule you


May not be at my best all the time

That's true

But I can damn sure kick a rhyme

That's true

Matter fact, whatcha goin do

Should I be a selfish n**** like you?

Like Kurt Angle said

It's true, it's true

I rather be a me than a sorry you

Rock Carolina every time I'm ballin'

Sing Alicia Keys every time I'm fallin'

Yo that flow was off the heasy

After a while

This s*** gets easy


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So whatcha ya think? Do U have a flashback rhyme U'd like to share?

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This is my 1st ever song, I was trying to impress a girl in my high school, lol:


Big Ted's 1st Rap Song Written During April 2000

Intro: Yo, yo, this joint goes out to y'all fly ladies

Who are checking me out

Big Ted's in the house

Check it out y'all

Verse One:

Yo, baby boo

What up with you

I can see that ya want me too

'Cause you just screamed ooh

Yo, check it, if you want, we could rendez-vous

To my crib about one or two

You know that Big Ted wants to bust a move

Don't worry yo, I ain't gonna hurt you

It's your choice

But I can hear it in your voice

You wanna ride on me like a cadillac or a royals-royce

'Cause Big Ted is turning you on

No doubt, word is bond

Shorty let's just get it on

I ain't letting a dumb busta screw your dream

That's why you need Big T-to the-E-to the D

'Cause this homie ain't a dream

When it comes to the honeyz I'm never mean

Yo, I'm the real deal like Evander Holyfield

With my lyrical appeal

No doubt, I'm keepin' it real

This love won't be cheesy

'Cause this love will flow real easily

Since Big Ted's a big time playa shorty


Yo, yo, I'm a playa-4-life

I'm a playa-4-life

Boo when we make love it'll last all night

To all the playa-haters, I'll make y'all sick

'Cause I'll lyrically hurt ya quick

As I'm droppin' another #1 hit

Verse Two:

I noticed at the club, I blew ya mind

'Cause you now think of me all the time

You're telling me that u wanna wine and dine

After I spitted this joint, you never heard anything that's hot like mine

Big Ted has that hot lyrical design

That ain't gonna stop until the end of time

No other rapper will get the shine

Shorty, let me take ya for a ride

You see I'm styling right by ya side

I'm turning you on, 'cause you're smiling

When you see me rhyming

Yo, there ain't any need to deny

Give Big Ted a try

I can see that look in ya eye

Yo, like Blackstreet says: you want a fix

I can hit it quick

'Cause you look dark and tasty like Twix

Don't getit twisted, if you wanna roll

We can take this slow

And meet me after da show

Teddy'll be in control

'Cause this is how the game flows

Yo, we can do it in front of the whole crowd

Or take it to the back of my truck with this beat real loud

I know you'd like that

Yo, maybe we could do more than chat

Don't get it twisted, this could be more than tonight

If you could keep it tight

You don't have to worry aight

Big Ted ain't the one to leave behind

We don't need to fight

Maybe you'll be my wife

One day if you could hold down this playa-4-life

Maybe when this rap tour is through

I'll come holla back at you

You're a fly honey that has class

I ain't only trying to smash

Yo, let's spend sometime

And maybe I'll make you mine

When y'all shorties are with Big Ted, I won't make ya pitty

'Cause my game's never s****y

Just give Big Ted a try

Destiny doesn't lie

'Cause we might be togetha 'till the end of time

But for this moment...[chorus 3x]

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I actually thought about this rhyme when I was listening to "Big Poppa"by Biggie, my style's a lil' bit more mature now, I do like that rhyme though, your rhyme's pretty cool too.

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