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He had a relatively big hit called Enjoy Yourself here in the UK back in like 99 and i never heard from him since, i think he was quite a young guy at the time, maybe late teens. Not sure if it was a hit in the US but it was a pretty cool party track with some classical music sampled in it which was quite original.

Anyone heard anymore of his stuff or know if he's still around?

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I like A+...i think he's dope. His 1st hit waz 1996's "All I See" which waz a dope track. It came out in the summertime and i just remember it being surrounded by De La Soul, Fugee, Nas, + Digital Underground videos on Yo! MTV Raps. His 1st album is pretty good. Kiddie emcee's are always kinda akward, cuz half of them suck..and the other half are good, but since they are young, it's hard 2 take them seriously. I think that's why i waz wit Another Bad Creation, Kris Kross, Da Youngstas, and A+...cuz they were young, but so waz i. These days i can't get with younger emcee's at all...tho' the newer Bow Wow stuff isn't 2 bad.

A+ dropped that "Enjoy Yourself" track in summer 1998. The album didn't do much tho'. The video got some play but i don't remember much radio air-play. His 2nd album waz good but it didn't keep my attention the way the 1st one did.
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