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Green Day Live


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I know there's a few rockers on this board. Just wondered if anyone was goign to see Green Day in Milton Keynes this weekend.

Im off tommmorow for the Sunday show, can't wait cos its 65,000 fans in lovely weather rocking out to an incredible live band. Plus one of my other fave bands Jimmy Eat World are supporting. Can't wait.

After that its roll on JJFP tour time

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I think with concerts this huge it aint gonna be full of alternative dressed peeps. I mean to be honest i kinda dress quite normally. "T-shirt & Jeans anyone" Its how i feel most comfortable.

Green Day are so huge right now they'll be a load of pop fans there anyway. Bit like the same amount of pop fans at an eminem concert. :lolsign:

ROCK ON!, and cheers Michelle i hope its a good day to, Weather shud be nice so i mite be abit burnt when i get back, "Where is that sun cream"?

Photos and report on Monday people :2thumbs:

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Ok here are a few pics from my day in Milton Keynes if any of you are interested.

The gig was amazing. Green Day are quite simply the most amazing live rock band around today. Billie Joe Armstrong's ability to control the crowd would make any hip hop star jelous.

This first pic is of me and my friends Andy and Martyn before the bands started. It was a stupidly hot day, around the 30 degree mark, as you can see im wearing a classy T-shirt :2thumbs:


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This one is a quick shot of the place filling up, so you can get a feel of the venue. Its where that Eminem show is taking place for those of you who are going.


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And finally this is a shot of Green Day performing from where i was standing. Not a bad place considerr=ing there was 65,000 fans after a good spot.


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Cheers Michelle, Im abit burnt around the forehead right now cos it was soo hot.

Oh well i got a light tan from the day cos im usually pale as anything.

Green Day Rock live, bring on Will & Jeff now :jazzy:

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