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And it goes like this, the condition is stricken

to do more when energize, put the opposed down for submission

Shine diamonds like fools, no 1st of April, it's material nature

Mind frames are bankrupt, addiction to be after some paper

Nowadays I hear beats and I stay seated

Lyrics just as bad, talk about gettin drunk and bein' weeded

I don't need to be around it

Can't stand the relevance of the lives that some see fit

One side is bout money, the other is bout hoes

But I'm about this hip hop, many more times it will be told

Your interests can't refuse such an offer

It's intriguing, much like old white ladies are wit opera

I'm so in depth wit the jams

Rub the record, I come out like the genie of the lamp

But instead of granting wishes, I'm granting minutes

for U to play what I say, until I'm finished

I'm not business, but I've been into this

ever since my ears could hear like my eyes bein witness

to an image that is 4ever exclamatory

The essence has been made, now understand the story


I hadn't wrote anything in a while, so I'd keep my skills sharp. Took me bout a half hour.

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