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Yeah, but look at the Fugges. Pras had 1 real hit...his new single hasn't been heard in the US at all. Lauryn Hill changed the game, then disappeared. Her live album didn't do much and even tho' she released a new video awhile ago, it never got played. While Wyclef dose consitently good, each of his albums have gotten less attention. I didn't even see a video 4 his most recent one. I'm glad 2 hear they are reuniting, but i'm wondering how long it's gonna take.

A Tribe Called Quest 2. They released a new song last summer, but no news on them since. Phife's album flopped, Ali Shaheed's album is totally unknown, Lucy Pearl are making themselves out 2 be 1 hit wonders, and Q-Tip had success with his solo album, but his 2nd got shelved.

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The destiny's child did (made?) a TV show in France last year called "star academy" (an emission for disvovering new talents in music...). They sang "survivor" with a girl called "Hoda". You can download the video for free if you want...

If you are interested:

1/go to http://www.hoda-web.com/index_web.php

2/click on "vidéos"

3/click on "13/11/04-"Survivor" avec les Destiny's Child-Prime"

4/under the picture, it's written "(Faire un clic droit, puis enregistrer sous.) ICI." You just have to click on "ICI"... Normally, the downloading begins...

Then enjoy!

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