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"Little While"


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This is only the first verse but the rest is yet to come. i was inspired by Bobby Valentino's "One Girl To Love" Here it is:

Ain't it crazy how one girl can change a man

but you gotta listen to these words. please understand

that my plan wasnt made out as i thought it would

i knew i was an idiot but i thought we were good

really i should of learnt how to keep a steady relationship

but girl you was pushing me to have a bit of companionship

baby you didnt have a manuscipt. so tell me why all the fuss

im getting sick and tired with day in day out shouting a cuss

i dont mean to bust. but if i keep my heart where it belongs

instead of me on my knees asking please whiling writing this song

cant believe i was wrong. i thought we were going to be together

you know like run and d it wouldnt be right to not be forever

but i swear i never did the things out of spite. i loved you

may of doubted it myself at times. but your heart was the clue

sometimes you and your bickering saying isit a lie when i say its true

im sick of arguing every night just out of spite. its sickening

its crazy cause while your gone i wish i heard your bickering

my love for you is thicking. so tell me why you dont want to be with me

besides the fact that when i asked, you said you didnt want to live with me

we was young and we was dumb but besides a love was pure

as i grew older in time i knew that my love for her would get mature

getting you back is the only cure. im hurting in different ways you dont know

i keep it inside my pride and hope that it didnt start to show

i never wished you would go, your destroying me slowley, give me a little while

loved the way of your perfume and especailly the way you smile

why you ask was i hostile? with you i would be able to walk an extra mile

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