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first you pop in the DvD and see the trailers for Bewitched, Zathura, and Stealth. Then comes the accual menue. The menue screen is devided. A picture of Will Smith, the tittle Hitch and clips from the movie. its very interactive and they have 3 or 4 screens that change. five choices available: Play Movie, Language, Scene Selection, Special Features, and Previews. The language menue is accually quiet cool, but not interactive. There is a picture of Eva Mendes on the walky talky against a white backround, and next to her is a a still shot of the movie with Will on the walky talky. Choices are english and french. subtittles also have the same choices. Special Features screen is again interactive. Hitch is leaning on a screen witch is playing scenes from the movie. First thing available is the Gag Reel. Mess ups, calling people by their accual names (will smith did that), Kevin James and Will Smith messing up lines, but trying to fix it on the spot, Eva Mandes not being abel to drink, Will forgetting lines but covering himself beautifully, then everyone cusing for a while (censored). IT IS HILARIOUS. Deleted scenes: There are 3 deleted scenes: "hitch sees cressida" which has director intro. "I could use a bathroom" and "Film opeinig with george Fenton Score" which has a commentary intro. they are tottaly worth seeing because they are great. Then there is the Featuretts: "Dance steps made easy" "Love in New York" "Hitch Style" "Dating expert" & "Will Smith's red carpet race." And then there are the previews which are the same in the main menue as the special features menue. previews for "Bewitched" "Zanthura" "Stealth" "Man of the House" "Guess Who" "XXX state of union" "Boogy man" "DEBS" "Rescue me" "Siienfeld" "Creature comforts complete first season" and "Stripes"

DvD is overall really cool, and tottaly worth getting.

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