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I have no choice but to start over from the beg. because my lyrics on my computer have been lost, no trace of them at all....i'm really anoyyed because i had lyrics that could cover around 6 albums....its a shame but i have no other choice. Thought i'd let ya'll know.

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Nothing, the file is still there, just no text in the document, it turned into notepad and then i saw a save button on the bottom of the screen and then it saved i exited and re-entered and then it went back to the document. not wordpad with no text init, so im thinking my computer saved the plain document over my lyrics...unless u can retreave the old documents...cant do anything about it.

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But this feature doesn't work on deleted files, because I tried it once and the problem was that the icon of the file was present, but it showed 0 kb file size and had no content in it.

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