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Lighter Shade of Brown

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A year ago I was looking for some old skool hip-hop on Kazaa when I downloaded this song "Hey DJ" from A Lighter Shade of Brown. The song was so damn good and I'm wondering if anyone hear has their CDs or knows of them. They weren't real mainstream from what I've read and their West Coast/semi-Latin rap. Pretty good though. I like what I see on this page from their 1994 Layin in the Cut CD so I think I might get it.
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Yes - the mid 90's they were out like 1993-1994.....maybe the song you like is "Hey DJ". The video for that is similar to the "I'm Looking for the One (to be with me)" video. Nothing to flashy or anything. Try some samples on that link above, maybe you heard a song or two from them.
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I'm a Big Fan of Lighter Shade of Brown!!!!!!!!! :peace:

My favorites are!!!!!!!!!! :music:

On a Sunday Afternoon
Latin Active
If You Wanna Groove
Hey DJ
Dip into My Ride
Brown & Proud
Spill the Wine
Whatever You Want
T.J. Nights
If You Could See Inside Me
Sunny Day
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