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FINAL, solo freestyle battle 3

Guest Prince

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Guest Prince
Aight, not to waste any time here...

Julie posts first as Tim took advantage from the last rounds judgings. Each person posts two freestyles, the order is Julie, Tim, Julie, Tim.

Competitors, anything you aren't sure about consult the SOLO FREESTYLE BATTLE THREE thread.

Anybody apart from Jazzy Julie and Hero1 can judge this, see SOLO FREESTYLE BATTLE THREE thread for details.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for carnage! :peace:
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So nows it’s the admin and me,
Its sure to be,
The most glorious battle in history,
Don’t ya wanna see, me beat Timothy.
You only got here man coz you’re the best of a bad bunch,
And just like grapes I eat Australians for lunch.
You aint got no chance now coz ive perfected my flow,
But like Austin Powers I think you’ve lost your mojo.
The rest of the board come on, all crowd around,
Its oz verses the Brits, the dollar verses the pound.
You’re like virus on my computer and now it’s all infective,
And when you brag about yourself, its only deceptive.
Its like you’ve been sick on my screen,
I don’t wanna be mean,
At least unlike others I can keep it clean.
I’m a previous champ, I’m not gonna let you bring me down,
I’m gonna fight to the death before I surrender my crown.
Even though in the last round you won by a small fraction,
That’s coz they kiss your butt, it’s administrator attraction.
I used to feel bad for battlin’ people and attackin’ em,
not now coz if I was a boss I would be sackin’ em.
Crakin’ em, in the face, no im kiddin that’s too rough,
I love y’all really, I just gotta act tough,
Being the only girl is hard, so they diss me for that,
But I really I walk all over you, just like a doormat.
Now you’re dirty like Christina, oh excluding the chaps,
I can’t wait for you to post so I can have some little naps.
You’re so dumb you’re like a mule that’s been so confused,
I know all about animal cruelty and I think you’ve been abused.
Ah well I can laugh at least you’ve kept me amused.
Don’t feel bad coz it’s the end, but don’t be full of sorrow,
That may be it for now but I’ll be back tomorrow.
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  • Admin
So you think im gonna win simply because im an admin?
Well your sadly mistaken and I’ve stepped in to the ring to address your fakin
It’s harder for me with my admin status
They don’t wanna vote 4 me they’ll vote for the baddest
Look check the facts i’ve got a target on my back
Like ethan and hatch on all star survivor
But its time to meet your match its hero1 the illest writer
So peep the game check the name son u know i’m uno number one
Greatest exponent of skill bar none
Check Mann’s theatre after this my stars done
Because I’m a born entertainer on a mission to brain ya
And I came here to kane ya rilin u up as if I was a forum flamer
Ya parade gets rained on when I reign down
I take crowns
If its ozzie vs uk as you say then its my lucky day
Because we beat u in every sport homay!
you lack the confidence and ability
where as I know everyone is feeling me
and this tight flow
as I write slow
like walking a tight rope
unpredictably movin like strong winds when a kite float
suddenly pick up the pace like a jet fighter in a flight show
I got you running scared about to hide from ya fight foe
but I got you in my sights scope
come out of the darkness cause the lights dope
expose this wannabe feminem great.. white hope?
That’s kinda contrite though
And I can see your attempts to bite yo
But just hook me up with the right dough
Cause I wanna thank you like dido
For helping me claim my first title
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Guest Prince
Aight yo, I should be ending the battle tonight, but for this occasion only I'll give y'all an extra 24hrs. Yo Julie, post in the next few hours before you crash out because it's harder for Tim to be on time since he's like 11hrs ahead of us.
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ok get ready to take this to the next level,
I'll beat you down like your some guy named Neville.
I really wanna win this but at least make it hard,
but it aint coz your raps make you sound like a retard.
Its like the summertime coz my rhymes are so hot,
they got me burnin' up and yours are just not.
Coz they dont have the style, the wit and perzazz,
I'll throw you out the house like Uncle Phil did Jazz.
Dont you look at me like im some kinda bimbo,
I'll use all my smarts to defeat my man timbo.
I'm flying high even on the radar i cant be found,
dont try to follow me here i'll shoot your plane to the ground.
Somebody asked can white people really rap,
of course they can and this is the answer to that.
If this was war it would be like your under attack,
Its got you even more scared than whats goin on in Iraq,
like the American soldiers decent equiptment you lack,
coz your wack, and im as good as 2pac.
oh i wont stop there this discussions just getting heated,
i will not stop until your completely defeated.
If we where in the north pole i'd freeze you up,
or over in Africa and i'd break down ya hut,
if we where in the desert i'd spit it like a camel,
and in the jungle i would be the most skilled mammel.
Whoa what was that, i got a little side tracked,
but i'd beat you around the world and thats a sure fact.
you call yourself a hero, think your just like the flash,
but i'd say you where more irritating like an itchy flacky rash.
dont worry about my confidence, it grows like an oak tree,
everytime i kick butt when they try to defeat me.
thats it for now its late and the end of the day,
dont try to challenge me because i will make you pay.
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  • Admin
im ripping you in shreds
leave you in fine bits
where you wont find bliss
wind blows you away
should have never stepped into the fray
thought you'd come here and play
this is real and i came beau-ti-fullay
like RBW i got the kitchen fired up
no mincin my words got this competition tied up
slowly cookin my verbals
breakin em down till they curdles
and react positively like herbals
everything thrown at me im jumpin over em like hurdles
look your just sheep where as im the leader of the herd
so spread the word hero1's superb
where as julies raps absurd
rapping out of turn
you're merely my intern
so discern this
you have to earn this
right here but i sense in your lyrics your full of fear
close and so near
but your watching this championship disappear
as im leaving you in the rear
i steer myself to victory
although the slopes been kinda slippery
i kept on course and used to defense to stop anyone ripping me
gained respect from the fans so they are willing me
on thrillingly
cause im finna be
winning see
then sitting back like you brits sipping tea
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