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These are the top 3 saddest episodes for me:

1. The one when Will's dad comes back

2. The one when Will gets shot

3. The one when Carlton had to go to the hospital after taking those pills in Will's locker

I cried during those episodes!! :sad6:

OMG! lol...me too!

they def. showed Will's range as an actor, b/c @ some point on every sitcom there will be emotional moments/episodes i've noticed that

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The saddest episodes are The Last episode, Will gettin' shot, and when Carlton almost dies on prom night when he takes "speed" out of Will's locker thinking its vitamin E. Wil has to tell the whole family (choked up) that he almost killed someone he loves dearly. That episode is really sad.

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I can't believe I missed this topic. The most upsetting episodes for me was

1. Will's dad coming back and still not wanting him.

2. Carlton almost dying on his Prom Nite from those 'Speed' pills in Will's locker.

I honestly did cry, and I almost never do for some strange reason.

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