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I really wish someoe would start a battle

and i know wut ur gonna say "WHY DONT YOU START ONE THEN"

cuz I'm not good at startin um just winnin um

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you wanna battle bag o trasho

back down now cause i might trash you

how many times you got to be abused and thrown

my bad i should laugh you need a lot more growin

come back when you can put some bass in your voice

stay away or you'll get burned by your choice

whoo now you the perfect stranger

claiming you got fans i dont see no one but ur mother

no baby jesus we got a 'rap changer' it seems

phony cds you be cranking out be all in your dreams

and when the lights go off you wake up in fear

damn boy you need your momma the dark's ridin up your rear

ive never tried this before :poke: im not sure ill resume it

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hey kbf prince

its great to see a dude like you makin a song

its the idiot gone rapper like forest gump gone ping pong

you say I have no fans just my mother Oh

but didn't you just send me a message askin for audio?

and J-O-E "when have you ever won a battle you say"

well i go to school and win um every day

we battled in the past before i really started to rap

so most of the stuff i wrote in that battle was indeed crap

but now been rappin for about 4 or 5 weeks

no where even near my peak

now I'm writin songs every day

so hey time to get payed

now kbf prince and J-O-E nuttin personal though

just firin back

on my rap attack

your both great guys and emcees

but when you say I can't rap pleez

I ain't sayin I'm the best I'm only a teen

just give some damn respect to me

I give respect to the both of you

but you better send some back or you'll be threw

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i didnt wana start to battle u but it did

i feel sorry for the mother of ur kid

wow u win battles at school, u was a fool

couldnt tell the different between a pen and a tool

stapped yaself with the screwdriver

ya'll know when i spit its at the main driver

swing outta control make u crash

take the respect but i will not smash

the livin thing right infront of me

coz ur battlin me and finally u have awoken me

whoever be spoken me betta get shook by me

u write songs everyday

well i see thongs everyday

imma send it as much as i can, please im a fan

i wana cut myself all over look im the new stan

u call that a rap attack i call that an asama attack

and u cant handle that, give me a baseball bat

and show u whats that? ill prove a point

why u dissin kbfprince for? ur just a sucker MC

for sucka flows and then dont get me started on them shows

u betta bow down to the legend of rap

call me crap i will jus tilt my hat

u got my attention now talk

if u dont like what i got, jus walk. ugh

Edited by J-o-e
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Ok I didn't mean for people to rap back

If you woulda read the end of ther damn rhyme

you woulda understood that

i tried to give you respect

but you wouldn't accept

so now ur rhymes i must dissect

well i ripped them apart

found out they have no heart

you just write but dont think

songs should mean sumthin

you talk about all you stare at thongs all day long

well it'd probaly help if it wasnt men in them cuz thats just wrong

man i no its a battle but i must show some appreciation

on your anebreation

of the song feelin lonely

you should write some more

dont make that the only

I didnt wanan battle people like kbf and joe

cuz i no both of them dudes can rock a show

but J-O-E when did i call you crap?

it musta eben a dream you got when u awoke from that nap

cuzi show props to rappers with ability

rappers whos rhymes glide with agility

so see u all

that is that

come join me in the JJFP chat

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trasho you didnt want us to rap back well wasnt it you

who pleaded 'battle' to everyone in our crew

i thought you got someone beggin ya "PLEASE"

standing n waitin there for her to come on her knees

some slut your ditched but you still wrote her a song

no wonder we leading you on, battlin you can be easily won

that bag o trash oh still bringin crap up in here

when im done with you you be cowerin in sheer fear

you dont wanna mess with me ive got a grade on ya

thats right you got lots to learn go back to school kid

rap changer, who you tryna kid

quick wit, guile lines this aint your time now its mine

i cross you up like iverson, step on a dimes how i shine

its time to forfeit man your skillz begnnin to wane

oh wait you never had em damn what a shame

i could blow past you kickin dust while you scowl and whine

for the crime of lyin should be locked up with shyne

but nah ill let you go off easy cause you know what b?

for a change stop usin 5th grade vocabulary

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does it make you feel like a man to double team

a kid whos only 13

look at me with two mcees battlin against I

it dont matter i could take on a trio and that aint a lie

takin on kbf and J-O-E 2 on 1

1 on 2

its just me you and you

battlin through and through]

now KBF you said you were a fan of mine

you said you liked my rhymes

but now behind my back i find

you talkin trash sayin your gonna take me out'

wow how creative but I still stand strong throughout

the entire battle battle I'll come out victorious

and yes it'll be glorious

so fire back all you want

you with your jewerly continuin to flaunt

well im a real rapper i spout for the fun of spoutin

you talked about my mom well just like LL"MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT i'm shoutin

and yes i will knock you and joe out of the game

you got to locked up the fame

its a shame

to see two guys like yall

get so good and then talk about me and take a fall

well im back my rhymes are polished

and their ready to get ur rhymes demolished

about to be abolished

well the time is up the rent is owed

now its time for the real skill to be showed

with my ability to rhyme ive been bestowed

well the battles been battled its up now hit the road

Edited by bagotrasho
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yall writin them long a$$ passages for no damn reason

i dont know who informed yall it was amateur season

but, slow down yall pump ya brakes

i cant believe im replyin to these amateur takes

yall need a lesson that long a$$ passages dont mean nuttin

you aint hiphop unless you talkin bout sumthin


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well ill tell you what mr jiggy

you may think ur the next biggie

but you say to write small verses

but i say it dont matter just dont fill um with curses

o so theres no damn reason? o so its amatuer season?

and ur the one sayin rhymes outta BIG WILL's song mans its like treason

you aint hip hop unless you talk about sumthin whatd you about?

a tiny pathetic 6 line POEM is all you could spout

spellin out ASS with the dolla signs

you write like a 4 year old on line

yea instant messanger AIM

you keep sayin the same stuff over again and again

u think ur a hot shot

but ur not

so stop wastin ur time

u cant rhyme

even tough you think you can

you just dont got the ability man

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you remind me a few years ago

wouldnt go down without a fight, a tight flow

but listen closely do a veteran

ya'll cant listen to anybody betta than....

im here jus to quit ya'll hating,

coz if i was voting ill be debating

for u to even have a say in this

so please dont respond to this diss

do yourslef a favour, give up already

but if not i gotta rip u, ready steady

here we go, 1 line ur a ho

its crazy "How cant he beat anybody tho"

some have cloudy sometimes

but in your case its everyday in every rhyme

ur weak and thats all there is

who knew if i have kids they would be my biz

i would want them to choose wisely in what they do

instead of me playin u, im warnin a few

and after that, u respond back, im hittin you

and theres no reason for u to slap back at all

u gonna stand all or ball? if i ever decided to call

i been doin this **** everyday of my life

someday i might settle down and get a wife

but its the fast life that makes me go so hiiiigh

u can see me if im rollin by, u wonder why?

but i aint even frontin, i know its nuttin

coz i kno ya'll want me to give ya sumthin

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