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Pretty darn impressive, I must say. However, I feel the need to point out that Switch's quick skyrocketing from 10 to 5 in less than 2 days (when it's ascention prior to that was steady but incredibly slow) clearly indicates that there are a good number of people out there who decide what new music they are going to buy largely based on whatever pops up on the iTunes music store homepage - i.e., the top 10 most-bought songs. I find these people amusing. :ahoy:

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Also, whether it reaches #1 or not, I demand that Switch overrun Gwen Stefani and Eve's "Rich Girl." How horribly bad is that song?? :bugginout: Pretty horribly bad! (I've clearly mentioned this before, but it can't be stressed enough)

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not only that..but they also have an add for "the exclusive rnb remix" on the front page up the top..and it has the same picture of will from the top of this forum.. switch to no. 1 baby!! radio you suck!! :chuks:

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