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Question about my album archive


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Aight, for about a month or 2, i've had intentions of reworking the archive site. Mainly because A) most of the site was out of order, B) angelfire..'nuff said, and C) the design wasn't 100% mine. So my questions for you..

Do you care more about The look, or if it's easy to navigate?

Do you Want 30 second audio Clips up? Album and well known B-sides(nothin' rare, I'll leave that exclusively here :)

Colors. what'd you thin will match correct?

Host, what'ds a good host. nothing annoying :)

Thanks for the help.
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I should add free :) not ready to throw down money YET!(In the future of course)

well, so Far I have this orange/black/Gray thing going. It looks alright together. The text is white, links I'm thinking yellow, with a shade of orange on rollover.
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Well I don't know how you could improve your album archive...its already so damn good. Perfect source for discography purposes.

As for navigation wise, it's pretty straight-forward. I'm tellin ya man that www.freewebz.com is the best free host you can find. Read that site and all their features. You'll like it.
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