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WE have lived today the biggestattack in spain. I still can't believe it.
Group terrorist ETA have killed today so many persons....almost 200 people is been killed and aroun 1000 are injured.
There were 13 bombs ready to explote in 3 trains, in the most importatn train station of Madrid. 10 of the bombs have exploted at 7:00 am( rush hour) when everybody go to their jobs, kids go to teh school, people go to the universities, lot of students, workers, babies....
it's sooo horrible... I live here, and i'm so nervous. One of the trains, with the biggest number of dead people it's the same train i took everyday to go to college and to come back home.
I have to take those trains everyday, I don't know how i'm gonna be able to take a train 2morrow or when it works , i'm bit afraid.
i'm just hearin that a woman who was pregnant have died, you can see here today on TV people crying, dead bodies....it's soooo horrible... :tear:
how can somebody be able to kill like that??????
when i saw on Tv all what happened 11-S it was horrible but it was soo far from here that i coulnd't imagine how people could felt, now I know..
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yes, the world is going crazy. Friends of friends have died, a friend of mine doesn't know nothin about her cousin(he was in one of the trains and his girlfriend is in a hospital).
Now everybody is confused, people is starting to talk about al qaeda, coz it seems police have found some tapes in coran, and because today is 11. what a sad day guys, i feel so mad bacause there's nothing i can do. just have fear :tear:
poor people...as the hours go by more and more dead people and u find out that a friend of a friend who was going to his class like everyday now it's dead... :tear: ***PEACE***i don't understand it. WE NEED A WORLD FULL OF LOVE & PEACE NOT A WORLD OF WAR.i hope this is the last time it happens in the whole world.
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[color=blue]Yea...thats so sad to hear Sandy,...I will never understand why some ppl always have to try to make a statement by taking lives of innocent ppl. I hope that you will be ok, because tragedy is never easy to just continue on ..as if nothing happened.

My prayers are with you and everyone there...

3cookies [/color]
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I can feel you, now u know how we israelys live dayly... in fear of death over our head...
it's terribel... in Israel it's frightning... and after we defende ourselves the world blame us...
poor reality...
I agree we need world full of love and peace... but where we can find it?
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:tear: :confused:

I don't know what's going on in this world. How can people kill and not have any remorse about it? It's crazy, really crazy. The people of Madrid(as well as people all around the world who have to deal with numbskull terrorists) are in my prayers.

I don't know if everyone on this board believes in God but we should definitely pray for this world and repent for our shortcomings as a people.

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