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Sup y'all,

FuQ and I did a song for the JJFP community album! It's cald "Contact Time"!

You can check out the lyrics here...the audio will be posted later this week!

Tell us what you think!!


Verse 1 (FuQ)

There's a way of communicating, str8 foward or frontin

Problems pilin' up, dump it all on me for nothing

Handle what I can, czu I'm up for the challenge

Hope 2 see a friendship when it's all over, but I ain't found it

Inner city homeboys, wanna make noise demos

Critize my vibe for bein' a louder by example

And it's cuz by design, I ain't carryin a .9

Kickin it how I feel it when I'm on da mic 2 rhyme

Word gets around town, when I put it down

Some want suction of my decent production sound

Clownin' but I ain't laughin', I stackin on stacks

Relaxin' but then my cell is lit up wit contacts

that wanna ask me to burn cds

or get on tracks, provide energy, like I ate Wheaties

We must see, that U get a job and I don't

How is it U can pay me back and just won't

Your barely at disadvantage, but U can always manage

a relationship wit me, that's causin me damage, I don't understand it

Tryna make U happy doin backflips

Everything I can, but I'm no good at acrobatics

If we're like a phone line, U should be disconnected

cuz how I feel- neglected, what I am-disrespected

This ain't Westside Connection, where U gotta 'Bow Down'

Just kno when nice things R done 4 ya once and a while

Just let me talk, before the verse stop

Let's have equality between us, a 50/50 shot

Where half is yours and half is mine

And that's how I define the rhyme "Contact Time"


Let's go 2gether like a parallel line

I'll help U wit yours, U help me wit mine

Nowadays, a friendship is a hard thing to find

Never want me, just need me for Contact Time

Verse 2 (Tinus aka fan 4ever)

What you know about friendships, morals and trust

Relationships that turn into dust

So called friends who let you down

Always been around till money started slacking down

Frown on my face when they try 2 get back

Look them in the eye and tell em you straight wack

How about a lil bit of respect

Nothing real fancy, just the feeling that we connect

I don't understand, what is it that you like

What is it that you want, why is it that we fight

We ain't perfect and we damn well know it

We had something special, why the hell did you blow it

I'm fighting for my future, that's all I can do

But it's twice as hard if I also have to battle you

So when love turns into hate and friendship dies

All we have left is a heart that cries


Verse 3 (FuQ + Tinus aka Fan 4ever)

( FuQ)

Toughening my ability of strugglin', when I didn't wanna

Treat me like unsigned artists on charts, don't wanna give me numbers

It's whatcha know bout who ya know, mystery like Whodunit?

This is my life, my life, and nobody's gonna run it

(Tinus aka fan 4ever)

I don’t need you showing me love

I don’t need you growing up being a thug

All I want is my life in my own damn hands

Do what I want, stick to my own damn plans

Got so many questions, I’m about to get restless

Got friends who would stab and try to snatch my necklace

Stay cool, keep your head up and smile

You can hide behind your ego but it’s getting hard after a while

So what you do is, you look around

See what I’m doing and try to steal my sound

You use me like a condom and throw me away

Contact time, but real friendship is years away.


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That song's deep, I think a lot of us could relate to this song! Good job! :thumb:

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