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Question about DJ'ing

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The only things I know about DJing comes from watching Jazzy Jeff (and other's) do there thing in clips. One thing has always confused me about watching Jazzy do his magic. I see him seem to perform scratches, but I can't actually hear any scratch. (I saw this most recently in the last posting where it had a link to a video of him) Why is that? I get the part where he's queueing up records, but he actually seems to scratch at points, but the audio doesn't seem to have any scratches...

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There are two possibitlies:

1. You don't recognize a scratch cuz the dj is cuttin a beat on point with the other record... 4 example he's scratchin a snare at da same time u hear the snare from the other record or

2. He's listenin 2 the record which u don't hear cuz u can crossfade it the way that just one track is pumpin out his speakers.. he's tryin 2 listen 2 the scratch he's doin in "silence" ova his headphones or he's just "warmin it up" 2 cut into the other track the next moment..

.. it's hard 2 explain, u know, I thought it's magic, too, but it's just skills!


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