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I've been watching the fpoba dvd and one of the episodes struck me as odd. The one that's about Will's first day of school, and starts with Will telling Ashley and her friends the scary story. It looks like this episode was filmed much earlier in the season and then held till later. This is the episode where Will decides to turn his jacket inside out, but several episodes earlier he was wearing it like that. Also, Uncle Phil has the mustache in the flashback, but by this time in the season he was wearing a beard. What do ya'll think?

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i think they did a great thing. it was so original. they show him in school, in his own style, and then an episode or two later they show how he got there. no other show did that. i really liked the fact they did that, and i didnt realize it untill i got the DvD, becouse i had never seen the episodes in order.

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Yeah definately a different episode. Funny cuz I popped in my DVD's and watched this one last night. Seriously, this was not one of my favourite episodes til I watched it last last and realise just how funny this one is. Maybe it's because my taste in humour has changed since I first saw it.

This was season 1 but episode 14 in the year (counting Someday your Prince as a two-parter). Before that you had Def Poet's Society, Courting Disaster, and Talking Turkey as the school episodes. Don't know why exactly this was like this save for the probable theory.....that this episode was made much earlier and then the Narrative and tags done a lot later.

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