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Wills acting ability

Jazzy Julie

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Ive been goin on that Alex Proyas site where u can ask him questions. A lot of his fans dont like the idea of Will being in the movie bcoz they think he is too much of a comidian and doesnt do serious roles so i tried to set them straight. I think even Alex is getting bored of them having a go at Will.


Hello all,

Mr. Proyas, first I have to say I really liked Dark City. And I do still remember an MTV ad shot by you, dark and surreal, but it was pretty cool. I have seen how kindly you answered other people's questions, so I thought that you might answer this as well. I was wondering about how much control you really have about this "stellar" budget sci-fi movie. What I was thinking about is, having seen the second I,Robot trailer and reading through this topic, whether you really do have the power over this film to cut out most of Will Smith's funnyman scenes, or do you have to follow the movie studio's instructions on how much of that Will's "Fresh Prince" stuff will be left in the final cut. Like the final scene in trailer #1, when Will's Grandma(or mom) does that cute talk... I mean, this is not Men In Black, and nor is it Independence Day, for Christ's sake...
I don't believe that it was your idea for the film to have such scenes, so now I wonder whether you can cut scenes like that from the movie, or will they stay? I am glad that there is another clever sci-fi movie so soon after The Matrix Trilogy, and I would not like to see those comic scenes in the movie, I'm sure most fans would not either. I hope you can answer me as I'm being very curious on these "insider" details. I know that you can't give it all away about 20 Century Fox and the producers and stuff like that, still whatever you can say about it, I would like to know. I hope to see a serious movie. Otherwise, Will Smith can easily pull it off as a serious actor, so there is really not much need for the jokes in a picture like this... On another note, I liked the first trailer's lines about the 3 laws of robotics better than the new one("we trust them with our lives... and so on). The first one's lines were really better and way more effective, this second one sounds a bit clichéd and might I say, corny to me... So I hope you can give away at least a few details on how much control over the overall tone of the movie (I mean the funny scenes) you have. Whatever way, I'm looking forward to the movie.
This post has become too long now, but I hope you guys and especially Mr. Proyas will still read it.
Bye all

Alex Proyas

You are quite right - I, ROBOT isn't MEN IN BLACK - it's a serious science fiction movie with some moments of humour, most of which were seen out of context in the first trailer, and none of which stops the film from being "clever" as you put it. I (along with many thousands of film-goers) enjoy seeing Will's comedic side, why on earth would I want to cut any of it out of the picture?

Yes, I also enjoy Will's comedic ability, but if the film is totally serious then even a little "Fresh Prince" will seem out of place. I mean, the only serious film Will's done is "Ali" But in that role it still required Will to be funny because Ali liked to boast and joke around. I hoping to see Will's most mature performance in this flick!

When ppl think of Will Smith they immediatly think of MIB and Wild Wild West but ppl never think of his more serious roles such as Ali, six degrees of separation and the legend of bagger vance. Will can do serious acting and can also be hilarious. He was nominated 4 an oscar 4 a reason.

Plus i dont wanna go and c a film that takes itself too seriously, i for one wanna c a bit of humour in the movie. that way u get twice as many ppl seeing the movie, ppl like you that wanna c a serious film and ppl like me that wanna c humour. I think this film will appeal to a very wide audience this way.
oh and i forgot also Will has done "where the day takes you" and "enemy of the state" as serious roles.

Mr k
I agree with Julie. I like Will Smith a lot. The fact that most of the stuff he's done was comedic and the fact that he's good at it I usually consider him as a comedic actor. But I've always known that he can be a great actor after seeing "Six Degrees Of Spearation" and "Ali".

And I just really hate when people continue to bore the crap out everyone but asking about the whole Will Smith thing hundreds of times. Just read the previous posts by Mr Proyas and stop asking the same damn questions all over again. We know what we have to know, Will's in the movie, he has a few funny scenes. He is not the DIRECTOR of the movie, he doesn't set the tone of the whole picture. Get over it already.

"Enemy of the State" was a good movie, but it still had plenty of those Will Smith "moments", like when he was in the lingerie store. He was great in "Six Degrees of Seperation".

well what do u expect then? A movie with no humor at all. In enemy of the state, Will is playing an everyday man. People joke around everyday don't you? The humor in Enemy of the State certainly isn't Men in Black and it didn't seem like a Will Smith shtick at all. Will is a comedian. Jokes will be put in movies here and there. Live with it.
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